At first, focusing on faith in the scripture was a tough challenge for me. However, each time I would wait and focus on faith, God would come through with something that was amazing. Before this as I would read I wanted to quickly determine how can I apply this to my physical life; after all, I have been doing that since I was 18! There have been a lot of years in-between. These Faith Goggles started to move me to focus on faith in all of my bible reading. If you’ve read the journal already, you can tell how after reading the associated scripture it would have been much easier to apply the scripture and move on. The difference between applying the scripture to physical stuff vs applying it to faith is a bit hard to explain, but basically, the idea with faith is Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen NKJV. Being able to apply the scripture is seeing, seeing is easier to do.

This year I have been putting a lot more into faith in my actions and in my mind. Based on the circumstances I would think I might be doing the wrong thing; but then God would remind me of what He told me and back it up with one of the days of the journal Faith: Fig Tree vs Mountain. Like day 10, “Faith Should Not be Limited to a Calendar Date.” Day 10 comes up often in my thoughts regarding what I am doing this year.

I’ll offer up this bit of advice as you begin to be more faith minded. What God tells you is all that He told you. You will be tempted to add in your own thoughts and assume that is what God meant. While adding your own thoughts is not all bad or wrong, do not confuse your additions with what God originally told you. Cause there will be days when you are wrong and you will want to blame God. Those are the days when you will need to humble yourself and go back to what God did say.

I hope that this first journal will encourage you in the plans that God as has for you. I have more days to put into another journal when God tells me it is time.  Have a great week!

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