January 1, 2018

October 7, 2017

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Steps TO Faith, Steps OF Faith

March 9, 2017

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Corner Stone, Put it in Before it Falls on You

November 19, 2016

S) In Matthew 21: 43-44 Jesus tells the chief priests and Pharisees the Kingdom will be taken from them. The corner stone will break those who fall on it and crush those that it falls on.


F) Don’t let religious practices stumble you to fall on the corner stone. Don’t let your stubbornness leave you under the rock to be crushed. Have Faith that God-Jesus-Holy Spirit is the perfect piece in all that you do.


P) Pray that you always look inward to find where Christ is missing in your daily activities. Pray that you will be open to hearing about those places you lack and that God will strengthen you to do them.


E) God does have a plan AND He has a plan for you. These plans are likely not going to happen because you maintain religious practices over doing the will of the Lord. Being consistent, respectful, and honoring is not the problem. The problem is putting the practice of those things- above those things- so you look good for those around you. Accept the unusual looking piece that is from God, that piece which allows the building of your life to come together. When you are finally tired of failing, and feeling like a failure or you keep having your religious practices crushed by the Holy Spirit; then turn your faith from religious practice and instead point it toward God and His plan. The effects of turning your faith toward God is you realize you are not failing, you are learning for the future. You start to become consistent, respectful, and honoring because you have the Holy Spirit pushing you forward and helping you change your attitude about the value of those things for His sake.



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